Ubiquitous Dissonance

Today I (along with probably everyone in the technorati database) received an invitation to a new technorati venture.  I get outreach emails every week or so.  Some just go straight to the trash folder because I'm not interested in blogging about the newest craze in baby slings (e.g.).  Some I'm excited about (ex.: I have a copy of Restoring Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Lives sitting on my nightstand that has been sitting there since two weeks before the book came out because I haven't had a hot second to read it).

And then there are the ones about diets, dieting, weight loss tips, new diet pills, metabolism boosters, etc.  Fantastic.  Today's email was geared toward foodies and food bloggers and included, in a brief list of acceptable topics, diet recommendations.  So not only am I most manifestly not a food blogger, I'm on an email list soliciting diet recommendations.

Well.  I certainly have those.  But I don't think you want the kind that I can give you.

So here I am, having a shit-storm of a day in a shit-storm of seven days now, and this email arrives in my inbox to remind me, "Hey, hi, you're not okay."  Well, thanks, random email.  I'm glad you reminded me.  Thanks, emailer, for not taking a moment to actually see if I'm a food blogger before you added my email to your list.  Do I expect marketers to read every blogger they email?  Of course not.  But, come on.

I was going to take a page out of The Bloggess's book and write back an over the top, farcical response to the marketer and post the results here.  But you know what?  I'm just too tired.  My food has been completely fakakta since I got back from Atlanta, and everywhere I turn I feel like I'm getting hit in the face with you-still-have-and-eating-disorder flavored pie.  (Inappropriate metaphor is inappropriate.)

This email is one of those little things that start as individual wisps of nothing, but that together form an amorphous blob of suck.  Much like the fur my cat is still shedding, what are you doing to me, Meezie?  Swiffer is really expensive and I simply can't clean any more.

But really, emails like this are overwhelming.  The idea that a solicitation for foodies/food bloggers would include suggestions to write about dieting/weight loss?  The idea that that is such a non-issue, that it apparently doesn't register as total cognitive dissonance to the people planning this campaign?  I'm sorry, but I look at that and stack it up next to the rest of my world and my mind goes, "Ha ha ha!  Good luck recovering and relearning how to intuitively eat with THAT sort of shit all over the place!  Lulz!"

Yep.  Lulz.  It's everywhere.

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