Primal Scream vs. Fetal Position: Which Do You Choose?

I mean, really.  Which do you choose?  Which is your favorite freak-out option?

Let's assume no one's going to hear you scream, no one's going to walk in on you huddled in the corner quietly decompensating all tucked into yourself.  Which one is your go-to ideal to communicate to yourself the heartwarming truth, that, uuuggghghhghhhgh?

Just curious.


  1. Perhaps the question is rhetorical, but it depends on the emotion. Anger/frustration tends towards primal screen. Sadness/hopelessness tends towards fetal position.

  2. Fetal position makes everything better. Then stretch to child pose...

  3. Definitely not rhetorical! Interactive survey! :D

    At a psychobabble level, I think the immediate preference to do one vs. the other relates to wanting to hold oneself together vs. letting oneself out (see also: purging vs. restricting).

  4. my favorite is to get into the car, drive somewhere where no one can see, and scream for as loud and as long as i can.
    somehow, the adrenaline and the freedom help.

  5. If given ONLY those two options, I would go with the scream. That said, my option #1 would be to go shoot a few arrows into my 3-D archery targets in the back yard. Option #2 would be to go down to the street and make the moron with the LOUD leaf blower regret firing it up that day.


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