Trigger Happy

I could itch my skin off today.  Since I am not an allergy-prone person, this is either dry skin or a psychosomatic symptom of wanting to GTFO of my body.  (Probably it's a combination of both.  It's happened before.)

Triggers are everywhere I look lately.  When one is so inclined, just about anything can be a trigger to obsess about body or food or both.  That thin woman over there?  Trigger.  The post-partum weight loss post on a friend's blog?  Trigger.  A dinner scene in a TV show, my in-laws buying lunch, doing the laundry, getting dressed, getting undressed, sitting in a particular position, looking at clothing in person or online, hearing about the weight loss efforts of others, eating anything, simply being hungry, seeing babies (sets off thoughts of whether I'll ever be healthy enough to have one), seeing old people (sets off thoughts of long term realities of always! being! thin!), talking to my parents, checking my email, ignoring my email, going for a walk, sitting around like a slug, breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, reading the feminist blogs, stumbling across news related to food/diet/obesity/health.  All triggers.

Basically, everything is a trigger right now except for books, and the cat.

There we go.  That's better.

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