Boobs. I Have Thoughts On Mine.

I have to buy some bigger bras.  I have larger sized ones than those I'm wearing now, but the band size on them is still too big.  I need to buy my current band size and a larger cup size.

I have in my head the belief that most women under a certain cup size would enjoy this fact, or even be tickled by it.

I would like to get out some Ace bandages and get this shit under control.  We're not talking A to DD here, either.  We're talking 32C to 32D*.  I also have 34B and 34C idling in my lingerie drawer, but they haven't been used lo these many months.  I'm just.... not amused.  I am so very ready for my body to quit it and do what I tell it to.

(Right.  Because it always does.)

* I swear, it would make my life if American bra designers would actually have a constant cup size from band to band.  Does it drive anyone else nuts that the B cup of a 32B and the B cup of a 34B are two completely different B's?  Because I find that just so ridiculous and nonsensical.  If I could have an actual 32 band with the C cup from a 34C bra, my life would be complete, but no.  They're forcing me to buy a 32D because They want more of my money, because They are greedy assholes.


  1. would love to help but would need photos.... oops did I say that out loud?

  2. I know exactly what you mean and let me just say that I can only go into one store to get bras that actually fit because one store that shall remain nameless doesn't understand that a person that is a 32DD does not fit into a 34D. Just because the band is bigger doesn't mean the cup is going to fit. A DD is a DD not a D, granted depending on the designer I'm not always a DD sometimes its bigger then that. ;)

    So Cyn my best advice go to Nordstroms have them measure you and only buy your bras there. They never do me wrong, they do have some designers that don't get the size thing but the ladies will make sure you get the right brand and size.

  3. Perversely, there IS no Nordstrom in NYC! The closest is a Nordstrom Rack, which doesn't have the fitting service as far as I know. And I do NOT understand VS. They have 32D in some stuff, but only A-C or even A-B in 32 for some styles.

    We do have an intimacy near my neighborhood, but then the question becomes, if my weight is fluctuating, do I really want to spend that much damn money on a bra?

  4. Also, Tempus: nice try, nice try.

  5. Try Japanese bras, they have smaller width sizes....

    Bought some from this japanese site, it was cheap. But my cup size is still too big so maybe you can try and see if they have ur size


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