My Disordered Thoughts: Let Me Show U Them

Trigger: Packing for a week in Jersey with the in-laws. Trying on funeral-appropriate dress clothes in case of grandparent departure. Finding a skirt which didn't fit in the autumn now fits. (The skirt was too small around the waist before).

Belief: "Well, shit. I must have really gotten chubby. Chubster. Chubby chubster fatty."

Action: Stare in mirror and wonder, "How fat am I still? I'm probably still chubby and just can't see it. Hunh. That... sucks."

Departure from reality: Achieved.



  1. I've been up to that too. Monday, I'm fat. Tuesday, I'm thin, Wednesday, I'm obese. Thursday, have I lost weight? Since no one else seems to notice this yo-yo, I can only assume it's the BDD talking.

  2. Hey! I'v jsut leaned about BDD. had to google it. Hooray for my Y chromasome: vaccination against BDD.

  3. Look at that typing:
    "I'v", "jsut" and "leaned"

    Man. Fingers like demented sausages.

  4. You'd think it would be, but alas, no. Just as there is a portion of the anorexic community which is male, there is a percentage of the BDD, BN and compulsive eating communities that is also male. A male in my immediate family is living proof, sadly. No fun, no fun.

  5. Well if you would stop SLICING THEM OFF WITH CHAINSAWS.

  6. "Well if you would stop SLICING THEM OFF WITH CHAINSAWS."

    Now, that's the down side of having a Y chromosome. A bet there aren't many women thick enough to do that.

    fek I've just seen that I mispelled "chromosome" in that other post too.

    utter fail.


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