Onward (and Upward on the Scale)

First and foremost, thanks for the well wishes both here and elsewhere, everyone.  They really mean a lot  ^_^

I appear to have hit that early second trimester phase of "What do you mean I just ate breakfast? No, no, I'm sure it's lunchtime. I'm so very sure." I've also reached the stage where I'm meant to gain on average a pound a week from here on out (weird completely not weird how those coincide).

The eating isn't a problem, pleasantly, maybe because I'm still very much in the phase of "don't eat every two hours? get horribly nauseous."  And the scale number right now isn't so much of a problem.  But if I'm at 15 weeks on Friday, thinking about a pound a week from here on out is daunting, I'm not gonna lie.

It's actually quite comforting to be connected with other women* who have come through the other side of infertility** and have the exact same reaction, with no eating disorder history at all.  Yes, this is hard won for all of us, but yes, it's still an uneasy if joyful adjustment -- in the way it probably is for most pregnant people, and that's comforting all over again.

Having said that, this seems like a time when I would be well served to employ some of those CBT coping skills I have cultivated over years and years and thousands of dollars worth of therapy.

* If you google Then Comes Family you'll find us.  It's far from just infertility-centric.  It's the entire spectrum of family and community, in pretty much every flavor you can think of.  

** "for now," my mind always supplies, "you've come through it for now."  Shut up, asshole.

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