Kellogs Can Kiss My A$$

So, there's this Special K commercial out now which pictures a mom and her little son frosting a cake. Have you seen this commercial? I believe is it for this, but for the life of me, I can't find the commercial on Google video or Youtube or what have you, so you'll have to make do with some paraphrasing of the best bits. Oh. Here it is. I'm still too lazy to listen to it though. But believe me, I got the Message.

The gist is: Mom and kid are frosting a cake together in the evening. Mom eyes the leftover chocolate frosting in the bowl eagerly and is about to take a lick. Voiceover Lady helpfully narrates something about, "Now there's a snack that will let you indulge... without undoing your whole day!"

As you may have guessed (aren't you smart?), I take issue with that... er... lovely turn of phrase. "Undo your whole day?" Really? Licking one finger's worth of icing is going to "undo your whole day?" What if you're a photographer who just today learned that your work is going to be featured in the new issue of National Geographic? What if today you found out that you're pregnant with a years-in-the-making second kid? What if today you volunteered at the library for Story Hour? What if today you booked your family's first vacation in a year? What if you had an entire day of feeling rad about yourself?

One finger full of icing is going to undo your whole day? No. I don't think so. Commercials like this can kiss my ass.