Bloomberg's Food Hangups Officially Cross Line Into Evil

I'm about to use a curse*, so you'll have to excuse me.

What in the fucking fuck is this fucked-up fuck?

New York City, under the aegis of Mayor Bloomberg and his health department, banned food donations to homeless shelters.

Because, you know, he can't assess the nutritional content of said food.

I, just, I.... WHAT?  What.  Wow.  Apparently this occurred in March - MARCH! - and no one noticed until now?

*Does that count as a curse, or four curses, if it's all fuck-based?


  1. And I thought our politicians in Texan were the worst. Bloomberg is right there with them! WTF?!?!

  2. the mayor pisses me off too
    so what you said four times
    counts only as one time
    unless you want it to count as four
    its kind of a fielder's choice...


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