They'll Probably Write a DSM-V Entry About Me

I just realized, you guys:  I have become a Bizarro Toddler.

By which I mean that during this weight gain kick I am going to have to hold over my own head, as culinary rewards, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I was just* sitting here with some shrimp, zucchini, and wagon wheel pasta (yes, wagon wheel, a.k.a. best pasta ever), and I am literally thinking to myself, "You eat your pasta, missy!  Yes, all of it!  Nooo, you can't have any zucchini until after you eat that pasta!"

At breakfast it's, "No you may not have peanut butter on an apple.  You will have it on toast.  Then you can have some fruit."

I guess this means I should now hate cookies?  Yeah, no.

*last night (sched'd this post due to out of town trip)

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  1. I wish I could offer myself fruit or veggies as a reward - I have always despised them. I blame my super taster genes, but I don't know if it is the reason, I really just cannot eat fruit at all. Wagon wheel pasta, however I could eat buckets of!
    Good on you for eating wagon wheel pasta.


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