Reentering Treatment

I had my first therapy session since (I think?) 2008 yesterday.  It was kind of the opposite of the above picture, but look at that picture.  I had to.

The meeting was with a LCSW who led the group I went to for a couple years at Renfrew (from around 2004 - 2006).

I left feeling incredibly energized and hopeful for the first time in a long time.

I still didn't do so hot in terms of food when I got home, and I'm still not all about, you know, "eating" this morning.

But it's a start.  Letting myself be the center of my own universe again for 45 minutes a week is a start.


  1. That picture is priceless. PRICELESS.

    Tonight I start therapy for the first time ever and it's terrifying. Help? Here's hoping that tomorrow I share your optimism. It's very heartening to hear.

  2. I just wanted to wish you well with the therapy. My therapist told me I needed to start spending more time on myself when I was seeing him for an eating disorder a couple years ago, too. It was tough but I'm a lot happier with who I am now and I wish the same for you

    Take care of yourself xx

  3. I really hope I can be as brave as you. Because I'm getting to pretty much that point where I know something's gotta give. I read this and then came back and read it some more and it's kind of inspirational. I'm just hoping to rise to the inspiration. sigh.


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