Win Lose or Bra

I really need to break down and buy some smaller bras.  I am of two minds about this.  

First mind:  Your bras are too big.  Buy some smaller ones.  

Second mind: If you buy smaller bras, you have to stay at that size thereafter, or you will lose*.  

Wait!  I am of three minds!  Third Mind: If you buy smaller bras, that means you are losing**.

I am usually a solid C cup.  However, I have in my drawer, from various years of various weights and various incorrect bra sizings, 34D (at my highest -- which was still a healthy, just FTR -- weight), 32D, 34C (what I wore for a while when I should've been in a 32D), 32C, 34B (what I wore for a while when I should've been wearing a 32C).  I think I have come to accept that right now, I need a 32B.  Somehow that feels like a defeat.

* Lose?  Lose at what?  I don't know, life?  I don't know.
** Look, I don't know, losing to disordered thinking and living?  So, also losing at life?  I really can't win here, can I?


  1. Well I can't define "losing" either but totally feel that same way when I buy jeans!

    but I would define "winning" as - A bra I feel good in. Comfy, "perky," and just a bit sexy. That Win has nothing to do with arbitrary letters and numbers on the tag.

    I read somewhere that if Barbie were real, her bra size would be a 39FF. Now THAT is lose. Lose for all the girls that have that shoved in their face as an "ideal" woman. Ugh. And don't get me started on G.I. Joe. No way muscle that size are possible....

    Whatever makes you feel pretty is win!

  2. Now hon when it comes to bras you know where I stand, you know how hard it is for me to go into a store and find a size that fits. So with that in mind if you can find one that fits and looks good its a win. No matter what.

  3. Okay, seriously, I have so many sizes and levels of whatever in bras because of whether I'm on pred, or off pred, or my hormones have gone nuts, or I've lost or gained, that I really think the only thing that matters is that you have a size that fits you now, today, and keep all those others on hand because I *assure* you, Miss 20 years younger than me, that you will surely need alternate sizes according to the body whim du jour. Breasts: they will drive you mad in the end.

    Just get something in blue, okay? With lace or such. And get measured. To be sure.


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