Passover: In the End...

In the end, it turned into the other kind of frightening statement:  "You look great."

"So, what did I look like before?  I must have looked fat before.  I desperately need to stay this weight and no higher.  If I keep gaining weight, I'm going to look disgusting in the space of a week.  Forget the part where my husband was asking me to please gain weight right before we left for dinner.  I probably already look disgusting; they're just being nice."

Yikes, people.  Yikes.  This is what our heads do, the heads of the cognitively distorted.

(Yes, I know that's not what was meant by "you look great" at all.  What was probably meant was, "You look nice with that lipstick," or, "Cute haircut," or, "You seem happy."  You know.  Any of those.)

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