Cracked. Yes, Really. Cracked.

It's a bit off-topic for my little blawg here, but I have an important article from Yup. Cracked.

"... It's the implication that in each crazy person, good mental health is lurking about one-inch beneath the surface, ready to be cured in a couple of days. So when somebody raised on these movies actually runs into an actual mentally ill person, they can't help but wonder why they don't just get over it already..."

I love Cracked's lists. They crack me up. But let's be honest: they usually don't have much redeeming value to them. This one, shockingly, does. I know - I couldn't believe it either.


  1. Thanks for sharing that... really interesting, so true, and hilarious at the same time!

  2. I absolutely love love love cracked!! Do you ever do the craption contest? It is a frickin riot!

  3. As someone who has suffered from clinical depression and has had to deal with people reacting just like this, I want to thank Cracked for doing a genuine public service here.


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