"I Thought I Had Mono Once for an Entire Year."*

Oh, you guys. I don't know why, but this is me lately:

Aren't I adorable?

I had a flurry of travel between one weekend Pittsburgh, seeing my grandparents up in the Hudson Valley region of New York the next weekend, and then D.C. with a group of kindred spirits the following weekend.

WWII Memorial

Capitol Dome

During those weekends of missing weekend cleaning time, dust, clutter, and general muck reproduced at bunny-like levels. The worse the cleanliness situation gets, the more insurmountable it seems. The worse it seems, the less drive I have to do anything about it. Sound familiar?

And since 2009: YHGTBFKM isn't quite over yet, it must have felt the need to get in another swift kick to my teeth and ribs. Unfortunately, these kicks fell into the category of "don't want them floating around on the Internet forever and ever, amen," so not processing them a bit here functioned as sort of an extra little kick. Maybe not a full-on kick, but a nice elbow, at the very least. With the low energy level, 2009 feeling the need to get in just one more was really not appreciated, and by the time I had my annual lady bits exam two weeks ago, my weight dropped more. I'm skimming the bottom of the "healthy weight range" for my now-official five foot four. I'm thinking eating a little more sensibly would probably help with the energy level, but... Eh. Not tonight, dear.

And now, the holidays are upon us.

For the record, we get off light since no one stays in our one-bedroom apartment.

We're doing Thanksgiving with the husband's family this year, here in the City, and while it's nice not to travel, I am terribly attached to My Family's Thanksgiving. We were in Georgia last year - my first time there for Thanksgiving since 2003. In contrast, this year... Well...

My parents will be up here for Hanukkah and Christmas, though they'll miss the Solstice. I'll be delving into my Swedish heritage again this year, and am planning to get positively inspired with blue and gold (Swedish flag) d├ęcor (read: will try to make a really simple centerpiece from Real Simple and probably fail miserably).

Assuming I can work up the energy.

*"It turned out I was just really bored."

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