Proposed French Law Would Add Warnings To Photoshopped Images

A politician from Marseille wants to impose a health warning on pictures of models whose photo bodies have been digitally altered. The proposal was introduced by Valérie Boyer, a member of the UMP (same party as Nicolas Sarkozy). It's a nifty proposal that points out how French law, for purposes of public health, already requires health information on publicity material/labels for food & beverage products with added sugar, salt or synthetic coloring; or processed food products in general. Since the development of eating disorders is a matter of public health, like food and drink, a law is already on the books that sets the precedent for labeling, Boyer argues. You can read the proposal (in French... or via Google Translator) in the second link I tossed in back there.

Many of Boyer's laws concern public health in the environment, where "environment" is defined liberally. She takes on lead paint around babies and monitoring radon levels as well as photoshopped models. She's also a member of France's National Assembly's Delegation on Women's Rights. So this proposed law is right up her alley.

My French is rusty (I got through the bill summary on her page just fine, but only after having an idea what the law was about - that kind of rusty), so I'm sure I'm missing some big pieces of her history... But reading her homepage makes me want to make a moue, stamp my foot, and whine that I want a Valérie Boyer. *whines*


  1. This is actually really cool!

  2. That's an excellent idea. I hope it goes through, and I wish we could have the same thing here in the U.S.


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