I'd officially like to christen this year: "2009: You Have Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me."

So far in 2009:YHGTBFKM we've had two really close deaths in the family. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I've had occasion to visit psych wards multiple times, and not because I'm getting my MSW. My weight has taken its sharpest dip since 2003. Business has atrophied. And now the period of intense stress from around January and February is once again poking its nose up above the water like a nasty, smelly hippo. The cause of the "period of intense stress" is not something I want floating around on the Internet (as opposed to details about eating disorder recovery and relapse, LOL, irony) so I won't ever get into specifics here, but suffice to say: 2009:YHGTBFKM.

And now, bad news of the blogging variety.

A friend of mine, who is also a blogger, recently deleted her entire blog. This blogger (let's just call her "ND") is a single mother and a public interest lawyer, and a few weeks ago she was forced to take her blog down suddenly. She wasn't allowed to say goodbye to her readers or offer any explanation as to why she deleted her blog, and I know that she feels really awful about this. Please don't mention the name of her blog in any of the comments to this post, but if you wish to say goodbye to her, she is most likely reading and would love to hear from you. I followed her blog from the first post onward, laughing nearly every time she wrote anything, but also learning a lot about the realities of law and motherhood. She is quite possibly the most driven person I've ever "met" when it comes to both of those arenas, and the removal of her blog is going to be a big, big loss for the blogosphere, not just because of the humor and insight in the blog, but because she really had a lot to teach any fellow lawyers and parents. I feel lucky to call her one of my "imaginary friends," (that's all of y'all, too), but I wish I could still call her a fellow blogger.

And, since she's reading this, she should know that if she doesn't take that trip toward the end of this month, I am thoroughly capable of upholding my promise to track her down and smack her. Hard. Just sayin'.


  1. 2008 was my YHTGBFKM year. I'm so sorry you're having one too.

    I will miss ND dearly, and have a post half-written to memorialize her blog as well. I hope you get to see her at you-know-where, you-know-when.

  2. I have read your blog for quite awhile now and actually had found you through ND. I haven't commented before but I very much enjoy your writing and posts. I also LOVED ND. I miss her greatly. I am SOOOOO glad you posted a brief explanation and we can at least know she is "okay". I wish her the very best and hope she can someday come back to the blog world.

  3. Yeah, if you've read my blog lately, you'll know that this is one of those years for me too. But since 2007 was "Am I Going to Survive?" and 2008 was "Why is God Punishing Me?", it doesn't seem so bad.

    Stay strong with the ED. You can do it. I'm struggling right along with you.


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