Mercury Retrograde: Communicative Swan-Dive Off The High Board

You're not getting Theatre Thursday today. Instead, you're getting Siamese Thursday. You'll probably like this better, anyway, because you're a lazy a-hole and can't be bothered to learn new things.

The Siamese Prince is looking to the Heavens to find out why the hell I've been so crazy lately.

I mean, I tried to tell him that I'm always crazy. Look at the clusterf#ck I've got going in the air signs there. One pitiful water sign is touched on in my chart, and one lonely earth sign. And I have Leo rising, and then, practically everything else (including my moon) is in Sagittarius. I'm not going to be the most even keel on the lake.

But the prince is specifically wondering about my behavior lately. He's not buying that it's all because Mercury has been in retrograde since January 5th, although he has to admit that that's when the funky behavior started.

I pointed out to him that "funky behavior" in his eyes may be something as simple as getting really, really irritated when he won't. stop. meowing. while I'm trying to do work.

I offered to do his chart and see how this Mercury retrograde thing will affect him. He's a Leo (natch). I mean, Jupiter is in Aquarius all year, so I should be golden, but that doesn't really help him any, as a Leo (unless his rising sign in Aquarius, I guess, but we have no way to determine that, so I'm just gonna guess that his rising sign is some fire or other). Technically, this Mercury retrograde thing should be hitting all y'all harder than it's hitting me, anyway.

For some reason he doesn't believe me. See him there, looking askance at my theory that maybe he's the one who's been so annoying and weird lately? The prince's dad is a Gemini, so he's always a little schitzo, but the Siamese Prince here has really been just batsh!t since earlier this week. Very vocal. Since Mercury is the communication planet, I think that might have something to do with it.

Kitten hates being wrong. He knows I'm right (he's the one being annoying and frenetic and needy, not me). He just now decided he's more interested in Vedic astrology than Western. Thinks maybe my signs are off, or something.

He really could have found a more respectful way to disagree, though.


  1. Funny how that works. My cat starts howling at 5pm some nights even though he knows he doesn't get fed until 7pm and somehow I'm the a-hole in that situation. Go figure.

  2. I know nothing of astrology, but that cat is adorable. He looks like he's up to something. For sure.

  3. I've decided that my cat must REALLY love me since he sticks his asshole in my face when he gets up on the bed. It's like a sign of true adoration for a cat. Or something. At least that's what I keep telling myself ...


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